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Our Factory

Our plant is newly construction and has recently completed all commissioning works to certify for business operations.  The factory, located in Pol-e-Charki area consists of the following sections,

  • Smelting Section
  • Laboratory Section
  • Casting Section
  • Reheating Furnace Section
  • Rolling Section
  • Cooling Section
  • Maintenance Section


Steel Melting (Smelting) Section

This section is where scrap steel is melted through use of an high frequency induction furnace within the temperature of (1600-1700 °C), passing all the chemical and physical analysis required and defining the required grades.  The melted steel is then carried on special frames by ceiling cranes to the casting section.

Our factory utilizes an Inductotherm© melting furnace a staple brand in this line of works.  This furnace has the capacity of processing 200 metric tons of steel material per shift and has the special superiority and distinction than other machines, as its name implies this device can apparently be used in making and melting various shapes and grades.


Laboratory Section

This department tests and checks all products through utilization of standardized testing equipment to confirm compliance to required specifications.  There are a variety of tests that are performed on each product prior to certifying it for sale. These tests are utilized to verify the chemical and physical properties of the products we manufacture. Samples are taken into the lab, analyzed, and documented on a laboratory certificate which accompanies the product till the end user.  This “mill certificate” is extremely important in the construction industry.  We stand by our results and we certify that our products are manufactured to the required ASTM and ASME standards.  The tests conducted on each sample include:

  • Chemical composition tests
  • Strength (Tensile, yield) tests
  • Bind tests
  • Size tests
  • Wight tests

We have employed international specialists to train our local employees on all aspects of analysis of the products we produce.  The laboratory analysis of all products before, during, and upon completion of manufacture ensure compliance with required regulations. The laboratory is a vital part of our quality control program.


Casting Section

This department of our factory casts steel ingots from the melted steel, sizes of these ingots are determined based on required offer and it produces sizes from 100mm to 125mm.

We are able to product any type of product within this section according to our customer’s requirements.  With this modern, newly purchased equipment, we have unlimited opportunities to meet our customers’ demands.


Reheating Furnace

This department of our factory is where the casted ingots will be reprocessed under the temperature of 1100°C in order to be prepared for shaping them in rolling. This department has the capacity of warming 20MT ingots per hour.  Ingots are undergo smoothing by heat and preparing them for rolling.

Rolling Mill Section

This department is where the steel is bent into shape and finished.  It includes the following types of equipment

  • Roughing stand
  • 600mm Intermediate stands
  • 450mm Finishing stands 450mm


TMT Section

This department is where our TMT box is located.  TMT bars are thermo-mechanically-treated through leading world temporal based technology for high yield strength. The process involves rapid quenching of the hot bars though a series of water jets after they roll out of the last mill stand. The bars are cooled, allowing the core and surface temperature to equalize.


Cooling Bed & Bundling Section

Within this area of our factory, products are cooled and cut it to different sizes based on the customer’s requirements.  The cut presets are based on the engineering direction for each job order.


Maintenance Section

Within this department, all the required tools of the factory are manufactured and repaired as necessary.  This is the factory maintenance department consisting of various tools and equipment available that can solve all technical problems of the factory. The manufacturing tools and equipment of the factory are repaired and/or serviced here as needed.  We have a dynamic team of personnel here who are engaged in repair of equipment and tools to keep our factory at optimum capacity at all times.


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