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Khan Steel is one of Afghanistan’s newest industrial companies. Our company is 100% Afghan owned and operated.  In October 2015, we established a fully licensed steel smelting factory on new Bagram Road in the Pol-e-Charkhi Industrial Park of Kabul.  Our company was founded for the development of the steel industry in Afghanistan to supply the large number of construction projects ongoing in the joint effort of rebuilding of our country.  This new venture has created numerous jobs for the local community, reduced the costs of construction, and contributed to the development of our country.

This modern factory will be engaged in smelting of recycled (scrap steel) from within Afghanistan to produce mild steel products which meet international standards.  Our highly-qualified staff of engineers is fully aware of the various International Standards required for the various products we will manufacture for our clients throughout the country.  Khan Steel is aware of the environmental impact of such a business and have taken all appropriate measures for control of smoke emission and the surrounding area to ensure full compliance of environmental regulations.  Our company is dedicated to providing high quality products and services to our clients. Our management and engineer teams utilized modern technology in our manufacturing processes to ensure all products of this factory are produced to the highest quality standards.  In or commitment to quality, Khan Steel is engaged in certification to ISO 9001:2015 as well.

Our newly established factory has already provided opportunities of employment in its various sections.  Currently, more than 500 factory and administrative personnel are employed and with the development and improvement of our activities and products this opportunity will be raised as well.  Through the development of Afghan made products and creation of employment opportunities to Afghan people, our factory is a vital part of the development and rebuilding of our country.

Our mission is to provide high quality service\products combined with trusted client, and to maintain high health and safety levels and solutions to the client’s need. We aspire to achieve business excellence through:

  • The spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Optimum utilization of resources
  • Sustainable environment-friendly procedures
  • Hiring, developing, and retaining the best people

Business Rationale

We take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as the newest and one of the very few 100% Afghan owned steel melting companies in Afghanistan.

The philosophy of founding the company rises as the following concepts:

  • High and continual demand of steel products in Afghan market.
  • Supplementary Existence of Raw material (Recycled or scrap steel)
  • Cost efficient products readily available to the local market
  • Supplementary human power with economical employment
  • Possibility of applicable profit

The factory is equipped with modern, advanced technological equipment for the manufacturing and testing of steel products. The primary output of our company is to offer a comprehensive service (melting and production of steel bars and angles) in the field of structural services.

As Afghanistan is in a phase of rebuilding and development, our goal is to provide local, cost-efficient steel products to the construction market of Kabul and surrounding major cities.

Goals and Objectives

  • Production of High-Quality Steel Products
  • Providing Excellent Customer Service
  • Nation-wide Services
  • Exporting Products
  • Providing Jobs for the Community
  • Promoting the Manufacturing and Sales of Afghan-made Products

Khan Steel has established a highly-qualified, dynamic Engineering Department to assist our clients achieve the most economical steel supply solutions from an Afghan-based company thus reducing procurement timeframes related to importation of goods from foreign suppliers. Our engineers utilize 3D modeling software design, TEKLA  Structure  for  product  detailing  and designs.  Our management facilitates responsive, effective communications between our clients and our engineering team to ensure personalized customer service.

Our overall aspiration is to become the leader in Engineering and Heavy Fabrication services to customers not only in Kabul but throughout our country.  We will strive hard to be an nationally recognized company in Engineering and Fabrication solutions with cost effective services to our customers.

We are not concentrated on just supplying the market with standardized products but also working closely with each of our clients to develop and engineer products specifically for their projects.  This is a level of customer service that is unparalleled in the region.  We are not just a steel products factory; we are a customer oriented steel products provider.

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